Pangolin Aviation Recovery Fund

In-person Interviews

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Astro Awani Interview with James Hay on 11 March 2021
Pangolin Aviation Recovery Fund saw in increase of 20% in their first few months of investment. Ibrahim Sani speaks with James Hay to see if this rise is a positive indicator that this sector is on the mend. 

Mohshin Aziz Astro Awani dialogue 18 January 2021
The aviation sector is one of the hardest hit during the pandemic. It now therefore offers interesting bargains for potential investors to look at. Ibrahim Sani speaks with Mohshin Aziz of the Pangolin Aviation Recovery Fund Astro AWANI.

Radio Interviews

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Mohshin Aziz radio interview with MoneyFM 89.3 22 December 2020
Mohshin shares how his Aviation Recovery Fund picks winners that will profit from a demand recovery.