Pangolin Asia Fund

In-person Interviews

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Astro Awani Interview with James Hay 11 Aug 2021
James is bullish on the growth prospects of Indonesia. He discusses the reasons why the nation is young, will consume more, and has the largest population to support growing industries. 

Indonesia's explosive middle class growth by James Hay - 25 Jun 2021
Indonesia, with 5.6%  average GDP growth for the past 50 years is Asia's unsung consumer growth story. And, we at Pangolin believe, current share prices don't adequately reflect this

Astro Awani Interview with James Hay on 11 Mar 2021
James Hay speaks to Astro Awani on Aviation Fund and shared an outlook on the Asia Fund as well.

Astro Awani Interview with James Hay on 9 August 2019
Pangolin's view on foreign funds

Astro Awani Interview with James Hay on 28 February 2019
Death to palm oil?

Astro Awani Interview with James Hay on 26 January 2018
Management lessons by James Hay as AWANI Review’s Ibrahim Sani unearth his secrets.

Astro Awani Interview with James Hay on 13 February 2017
Is Bank Negara to blame for the ringgit?  

Astro Awani Interview with James Hay on 10 January 2017
Political Risk Will Remain In Asia Pacific For 2017

Interview with The Edge, Singapore on 22 April 2013

Radio Interviews

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MoneyFM Radio Interview with James Hay on Challenger - 16 April 2019
 James Hay shares why he thinks the offer price of 56 cents per share for Challenger Technologies to delist is far below fair value as he seeks to build a 10% bloc to vote against the deal

BFM radio Interview on 19 April 2017
A Glass Half-Empty Perspective

BFM radio Interview with Jeremy Figgins on King of Coal on 15 March 2017
Jeremy's latest book follows the fictional account of a truck driver in Indonesia and his ruthless ambition to become the country's most powerful mining tycoon. BFM and Jeremy discuss investing in Indonesia, the susceptibility of the commodities sector to corruption, and pitfalls to avoid

BFM radio Interview on 21 December 2016
James Hay talks about his hopes and wagers for 2017

BFM radio Interview on 9 November 2016
Pangolin Asia Fund won the AsiaHedge best fund award for Asia (including Japan) by investing mostly in Malaysia and Indonesia. This indicates that Asian opportunities can be found in our backyard. An Indonesian overweight call also stands out because it had been deemed a high-risk market for its red tape and political and currency risks.

BFM radio Interview on 12 October 2016
There are undervalued stocks in Malaysia but why do they remain undervalued?

BFM radio Interview on 7 September 2016
James Hay and team who visit 600 companies a year laments the lack of corporate governance in Malaysian and ASEAN listed companies

BFM radio Interview on 15 June 2016
We dissect how stocks and market works in an environment of high living costs. Will high import costs and local currency sales be problematic for consumer stocks? It also appears that small consumer stocks are great proxies to play into the low-cost travel and cost substitution themes

BFM radio Interview on 27 April 2016
James Hay discusses Pangolin's golden rules of investing, which are not without its controversies

BFM radio Interview on 17 February 2016
Pangolin stays positive amidst current slowdown

BFM radio Interview on 9 December 2015
James Hay talks about the themes and sectors he is looking at in 2016 and the 'green' bias of his fund

BFM radio Interview on 14 May 2013
James Hay talks about the Malasyian market and Pangolin's approach